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for the Part-time Program (with 3 subjects)

As a next step, please make the term-fee payment using ANY ONE of the links below.
PLEASE NOTE: The payment made for this online program is NON-REFUNDABLE.




  1. Immediately, you will receive a confirmation email from our payment service provider. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us.
  2. Within 3-4 working days, our admission team will send you an email with further instructions on how to create your online student accounts and gain access to the classes.

NOTE: If you do not send us the payment of the fee, we will conclude that you are withdrawing your application for admission.

QUESTIONS: If you have any further questions, you can reply to this email or call our office at (+91) 9677253290 and (+91) 9080303542. You will also be able to find more information, including the Subject List, Graduation Requirements, and other important details in our Online Brochure. Please click here to download in English and in Tamil.

We look forward to seeing you in the online class soon!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Will there be a refund of the fee?

No. There will be no refunds of fees once paid. If you have further questions, please email admission@fgbc.in

Question 2: Will everyone get a D.Th. certificate?

No. There are minimum criteria’s to be met for getting a D.Th. certificate, please download the BROCHURE from this webpage (above for more details) or email admission@fgbc.in or call us: 96772 53290 & 90803 03542.

Question 3: Is this course based on Zoom call?

No. The online course will have material (videos and assignments) uploaded into our college website. You will be given access to the website as a student to learn at your own convenience. This is not a LIVE zoom class-based course.

Question 4: What are the subjects for Term 1?

1. Introduction to the Bible

2. Introduction to Biblical Theology

3. Church History 1 (Early church to middle ages)

4. Principles of Faith

5. Spiritual Formation


Question 5: When will the lessons be made available for each day's class?

The video lessons for each day’s class will be available by 12:01am of that day.

General Terms & Conditions – Online Course

  • The fees payment does not guarantee the Diploma. The fees cover the basic costs of the delivery of lectures and course material.
  • In order to graduate and receive the Diploma in Theology, a student must successfully complete all 20 subjects with a passing grade. For details on the Graduation Requirements, please see our brochure in our website.
  • For detailed terms and conditions visit: https://www.fgbc.in/terms
  • If you have any questions, you can email us at admission@fgbc.in or call our office at (+91) 9677253290 and (+91) 9080303542. We recommend you DOWNLOAD the brochure in our home page, since it will have answers to most of your questions.
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